Before I started working with Cherry, I felt I had lost direction. I was missing purpose and meaning in my life and was spending most days working on auto pilot. Since working with Cherry, I have gained a deeper understanding of my strengths, values, and passions, and approach each day mindfully, with a sense of purpose.

Cherry helped me identify and create development opportunities that align with my values and goals, as well as daily habits that support my health and well-being. I now have more energy and enthusiasm and am able to show up each day with authenticity and zeal.

Diane, Social Worker

Cherry brought huge energy, capability and delivered. They led our organisation’s initiative seeking to up our game in recognising and providing for diversity and inclusion.

Cherry introduced for staff a safe way of talking and engaging on diversity issues, their approachability and problem-solving capability resolved many actual and potential challenges smoothly and safely.

Bill Bayfield, Former CEO Environment Canterbury

If you want something done, give it to Cherry. Dedicated, self motivated, focused and always willing to put in extra effort. But more than that, Cherry is an excellent communicator and front-person.

Whatever the challenge is, Cherry handles it with a positive and enthusiastic approach. Cherry is one of the most caring, genuine and open colleagues I’ve worked with.

Above all, Cherry has a heart for people.

Brett Watson, Experienced Business Analyst

Working with Cherry has been both a pleasure and a privilege. During out time together, I learnt so much and felt supported to grow both personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Cherry’s services.

Jaqueline Blunt, Corporate Communications Specialist